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What is ecological wood?

Eco wood (GreenerWood) is a kind of "GreenerWood plastic composite material", artificial wood. Ecological wood is relative to the log, is a more economical and environmentally friendly than the log, more health and energy saving new wood.

What is ecological wood

Ecological wood is a wood material, usually the PVC foaming process approach known as ecological wood wood products. The main raw materials of ecological wood is composed of wood flour and PVC plus other additives enhanced the synthesis of a new type of green environmental protection material (30%PVC+69% +1% wood powder color agent), widely used in decoration, tooling and other various occasions, involving: interior wall panels, ceiling indoor, outdoor floor, indoor partition, sound absorption board billboards and other places. Wide application.

With green environmental protection, waterproof and flame retardant, installation fast, high quality and low price, wood texture and other characteristics.

Ecological wood is through the patented technology, the resin and wood fiber materials and polymer materials mixed in certain proportion, profile shaped by high temperature, extrusion and molding processes, the production process is as follows: raw materials mixing, granulating, drying, raw material proportioning, extrusion, vacuum cooling, traction and cutting, packing, inspection packaging and storage.